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Name:Jenny Spark
Jenny Sparks

age: 100
rp status: active in [community profile] a_facility
Fandom: DC Comics
Taken from: The Authority - The Outter Dark (Part 4)

Jenny is best described as a bitch with a good heart. She wants to change the world and to make it a better place, however she’s not above breaking a few heads to get there. In fact, sometimes she feels that’s what needs to be done. She’s got a good, but perhaps slightly warped sense of humor and is a strong and natural leader. Every group that she’s been involved in she’s eventually had to take charge of in one way or another.

Contrary to her hard and rather abrasive exterior Jenny is a kind and sensitive person. She’s easily hurt by those she trusts and she easily trusts even though she claims that she doesn’t. She wants to believe that there’s good in all people, that the world is worth saving, but there are days and even years that she wonders what the point is.
Jenny is also a charmer. She states herself that there isn’t a single man she’s met that she can’t wrap around her finger. Jenny enjoys a good flirt every now and again but is easily able to turn anything into all business as soon as it needs to be that way. As for her drinking and smoking, there is room to call Jenny a recovering alcoholic. For many years (decades even) she refused to even leave bed without a drink in her hand. When Jenny has something to fight for though her drinking lessons. Jenny smokes probably around a carton a day. She’s almost constantly found with a cigarette in her hand.

By the time of her death, Jenny's faith in their ability to make the world a better place became renewed. Her drinking has lessened and she’s found a reason to believe in the world again. The Authority is her family and she will do anything to protect it.

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